We want to mow lawns, not yards; meaning we respect your lawn. It is the place where you play, relax, and entertain and we will treat it with the upmost care. We have the latest in mowing equipment to cut the perfect lawn and offer a combined 30+ years of mowing experience. We offer bagging and leaf removal as well. We love to maintain the perfect lawn. We will edge sidewalks and blow off debris. Let our dependable, experienced staff show you what your perfect lawn can look like today.


We have a team of three specialized and certified lawn technicians that can get rid of weed, crabgrass, moles, and insects. We are certified in the state of Kentucky and have a combined 16 years of experience. We have just recently purchased a ride-on sprayer that has both liquid and granular capacities. While we are fertilizing, we can eliminate weeds all at the same time!